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Ørntofts poetry is not really interesting. Initially, parts of the Danish press gave him attention for alledgedly being the voice of a generation, or something. I imagine this status is a result of the fact that Yeahsuiten contains many of the main traits a high school literature teacher would highlight when presenting postmodernism. In other words, it is a collection of poorly written poems describing the life of a hedonistic and self-indulging smartass. I wasnt able to establish if this was meant to produce a humorous and ironic effect in an attempt to poke fun at percieved general tendencies in todays Danish youth, or if the author actually was serious, but the first is most likely and either way, that would even be worse as it is the most predictable stance. The text is artistically and aesthetically shabby and generally discoursively predictable. Even the grammar and vocabulary can be criticised. Its a mess, and at best its shits and giggles. I get the feeling that the author is attempting to provoke writers who actually toil with their art, but struggle to get published, while he gets this nonsense published on Denmarks leading press.

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